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Interview Tips


If you are planning to work with one of the reputed company in the Mumbai city than the first thing you have to do is start preparing for the interview. You can start your preparation by Preparing a good resume. Do a research about the company business, try and understand what does the company do. Go through the job description thoroughly. Be prepared to face common question asked in each and every interview (Please go through the common questions mentioned below). prepare yourself for aptitude test which comprises of Basic math , Logical reasoning & English comprehension. Practice good manners and body language. choose proper attire the night before. Do not share any negative experience with the HR or in any round of the interview because it will creative a negative impression. speak up all the positive things you did in your life. Do remember to carry extra copy of a resume along with you. Arrive 15 minutes early at the location.

Common questions asked in the interview :-

Tell me about yourself ?

What do you know about the company ?

Why you left or resigned from the previous organisation ?

How  did to come to know about the opening or vacancy ?

What is your Salary expectation ?

If we hire you than are you ready to sign a bond ?

What is your weakness ?

What is your strength ?

If we hire you than where do you see yourself after 5 years in this company ?

What is the biggest achievement in your life ?

What you want to become in your life ?

Why you want to work only with our company and not some other organisation ?

All this question will help you prepare very well for the interview. So start asking yourself all this question and come up with the answers. Take help of your friends or family members for mock interview.

General Interview Flow that each and every organisation follow to select the candidate :- 

1. you have to fill the introductory form provided by the HR.

2. HR round.

3. Aptitude test.

4. Interview with team lead.

5. Once you tackle all the four rounds than the last round will be conducted by the Process/Hiring manager.


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